Sunday, September 19, 2010

Makuha Ka Sa Tingin Kung Pwede Lang 1993 DVDRip

Elcid (Robin Padilla) and his friend Tembong (Dennis Padilla) came to the big city in search of jobs.

But after playing knight in shining armor and rescuing half-sisters Gelli and Marjorie from a rabid carabao, barrio boy Elcid found himself caught in the intense rivalry bordering on attempted murder between the two girls.

Both are rich and pretty and obviously attracted to him.

One wants the other dead and he is being asked to execute the plan.

The offer is very tempting and it would be such an easy job.

Directed by Deo Fajardo Jr.

* Robin Padilla
* Gelli de Belen
* Marjorie Barreto
* Dennis Padilla
* Eddie Gutierrez
* Kate Gomez