Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Leon at Tigre 1989 DVDRip

Leon (Rene Requiestas) and Alice (Maricel Soriano) both wanted to be a policeman and a policewoman, respectively. They became friends because of their shared dream, but it was only Leon who was able to pursue the vocation.
After many years, Leon becomes a full-fledged policeman. He was assigned to help control traffic near the public market. One day, he catches a disobedient jeepney driver, who turns out to be the tomboyish Alice!
After their reunion, Leon and Alice start bickering and fighting one another as only true friends can, not realizing yet that they are beginning to harbor feelings for one another.

Could this strange love-hate relationship somehow end with both Leon and Alice taking a walk down the aisle? Leon At Tigre is a comedy classic which will provide you with nonstop laughs and hours of enjoyment.

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