Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Private Parts 2005 DVDRip

Category Sex-Adult - Musical

Bare laughter. Bare rhythm. Bare fun. It's one bare-all show.
Get ready for a bare-all show with the sexy musical comedy stage play Private Parts. Featuring Hotbabe ng Bayan Maui Taylor and her male counterpart, Hotman ng Bayan Allen Dizon. Private Parts depicts the many facets of a man and his relationships with various women. Serious at times but often hilarious, and spiced with rousing musical numbers, Private Parts shows the many foibles of men and women in their desperate pursuit of happiness.
Allen is Ryan Takeone the leading man of fading youngstar Daisy Ocho played by Maui. Also in the cast are Ynez Veneracion as suicidal has-been sexy actress Agnes de Dios. Myles Hernandez as sex symbol Myla Lengua, Avi Siwa as bisexual bimbo Eva Adan, Wilma Doesnt as heckler leader Halle Luya and noted thespian Behn Cervantes.

Maui Taylor
Allen Dizon
Wilma Doesnt
Myles Hernandez
Vangie Labalan
Behn Cervantes