Monday, June 28, 2010

Mamasan 2002 DVDRip

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Category Sex-Drama
Label Viva

Tagalog Movie

Mama Sandra (Oropesa) is the owner of a night club catering to high society clientele.

Jerome Mendoza, a regular client with a fetish for intellectual whores was instantly attracted to Joy (Desiderio). But soon he grew tired of Joy and wanted Daisy, the newest recruit of Mama Sandra.

Joy on the other hand left the red house and established her own.

But when the lifeless body of a young woman was discovered and with Daisy missing, the furtive world of prostitution is exposed.

Directed by Joey Romero

* Elizabeth Oropesa
* Barbara Milano
* Janine Desiderio
* Raven Villanueva
* Yda Manzano
* Allen Dizon