Monday, May 17, 2010

I Will Always Love You 2006 DVDRip

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Category Romance

Label Regal

Tagalog Movie

Justin (Richard G.) and Cecille (Angel L.) are students from different social backgrounds.

He's a rich, smart, confident mestizo from a private school in Manila, while she's a lovely but simple scholar from a rural public school.

Against the wishes of his wealthy parents, Justin pursues Cecille, who also falls hard for him.

Justin, however is being forced to marry Donna, the daughter of his parents' business partner.

Knowing how much Justin loves Cecille, his parents send him to the USA to study, in a bid to separate him from the lower class girl.

Unable to accept the prospect of life without Cecille, Justin finds a way to take her with him without his parents knowing.

All is great between Cecille & Justin in America.

Their love for one another is filled by the captivating, dream-like allure of San Francisco.

One day, however, the bubble bursts.

Cecille catches Donna & Justin in a tight embrace, with Donna professing her love for Justin.

A devastated Cecille takes the first plane back to Manila, ignoring Justin's attempts to explain.

Months later, Justin flies home to win Cecille back, but by then, she's engaged to marry a former schoolmate.

Will Justin win back Cecille's heart?

Is there a chance that Justin and Cecille can rekindle the perfect love they had for each other in dreamy San Francisco?

Directed by Mac Alejandre

* Angel Locsin
* Richard Gutierrez
* Jean Garcia
* Amy Austria
* Lloyd Samartino
* James Blanco